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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools keep the required electronic records.


Schools must use the CASES21 modules below to manage information and processes for:

  • student records
  • reporting and attendance
  • financial transactions
  • personnel records for locally employed staff
  • asset management.


CASES21 is the software component of the Computerised Administrative System Environment for Schools and

  • is the computer system provided to government schools to support student administration, financial management and reporting
  • exchanges data with a range of Department computer systems so that accurate records are available to the school and Department in order to meet legislative, regulatory and operational requirements.


This table describes the CASES21 modules.




  • details in the asset register, which links to the Oracle Fixed Assets System
  • data in the School Maintenance System (SMS) which links to CASES21 to identify, categorise and manage maintenance and expenditure on school assets.

Note: SMS was previously known as PRMS21.


  • accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • school level payroll
  • general ledger
  • program budgets
  • financial reporting

 Note: Schools use the eduPay system for centrally-paid employees.

School administration

  • school contact details such as address, telephone, fax and emergency contacts

Student administration

  • enrolment
  • Victorian Student Numbers (VSN)
  • attendance
  • data for school census returns
  • data for annual reports and self-evaluations.

CASES21 provision

Schools are provided with:

  • a standardised CASES environment including CASES21 software (which is upgraded at least twice a year), MS Office and hardware
  • one desktop computer and an additional computer for each 150 students (based on the Student Resource Package funded full-time equivalence).

Note: Multi-site, or multi-campus schools receive one CASES21 database as they operate as one administrative entity. These schools may electronically link their sites at their own cost.

Integrity and security

Principals are responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of CASES21 and must ensure:

  • CASES21 equipment is:
    • securely housed and maintained
    • recorded in the asset register for insurance purposes
  • only authorised versions of approved software are installed. Note: The recommended operating environment includes software that has passed testing with CASES21.
  • backup procedures outlined in CASES21 user guides are followed to protect the system from hardware malfunctions, loss or corruption of data, deliberate removal of the software or theft. Note: ITD centrally manages the backup requirements of smaller schools and for school CASES21 data where schools are on CHESS.
  • the Department’s virus detection and protection system is kept up to date on all CASES21 equipment
  • assigning appropriate system security levels to approved CASES21 operators to prevent unauthorised data access
  • CASES21 data is up to date, complete and accurate
  • staff adhere to requirements in the Acceptable Use Policy for the Department's Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Systems

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