School Camps, Plantation and Teacher Housing

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure Department owned or controlled residential camps, plantations and teacher housing is managed according to Department guidelines.


Schools that own or operate residential camps must:

  • ensure the camp is accredited with the Australian Camps Association (ACA) or National Accommodation, Recreation and Tourism Accreditation (NARTA)
  • maintain buildings, services and fences
  • comply with relevant bushfire management regulations
  • comply with building and facilities codes and regulations
  • develop emergency procedures which detail location and access to the site.

Schools that own or operate control plantation sites (used for timber production, arboreta and environmental study purposes) must:

  • comply with operation, maintenance and harvesting guidelines issued by the Department
  • consult with the Property Unit after harvest prior to any replanting activity
  • advise the Department should they no longer wish to manage the site.

Schools seeking advice in relation to the establishment of a school camp or plantation must discuss the issue with the Infrastructure Division.

Schools that manage Department owned housing to accommodate teachers in remote areas must:

  • ensure the principal or business manager is first point of contact regarding availability of housing and tenancy agreements
  • allocate housing, and reallocate as necessary, in consultation with the Infrastructure Division
  • ensure properties are maintained regularly according to programmed maintenance and/or emergency needs.
  • ensure that teacher housing is provided at market rents, for limited tenure and is allocated, as first priority, to those who are employed in the host (local) school.

Teacher houses are properties which are exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 when tenanted by teachers. Major refurbishment is undertaken as funds become available.

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