Markets Operated by Third-Party Operators

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Purpose of the policy

To ensure that schools follow the appropriate policy and process for the operation of third-party markets on school sites. This policy does not cover markets organised by schools for fundraising purposes.

Prerequisite policy

  • Hiring, Licensing and Shared Use of School Facilities


A number of schools have arrangements in place to hold markets (such as farmers’ markets) organised by third-party operators on school premises outside of school hours.


School Councils may enter into arrangements with third-party operators for markets on school sites provided that parties agree to the Department’s licence agreement and comply with Department guidelines.


School Councils are reminded to follow the Department’s Schools as Community Facilities: Policy Framework and Guidelines, particularly the use of licence or hire agreements, see: Related policies below. 

School Councils should not sign any agreement prepared by the market operator. The Department’s standard licence agreement should be used without alteration.

The market operator must obtain the relevant planning permit from the local council, unless written approval has been provided from the local council that a permit is not required. For the purposes of this policy, third-party operators are not exempt from the planning process as the school exemption relates to ‘educational purposes’ only. The market operator must also hold the appropriate level of insurance coverage.

Schools will need to consider issues such as appropriate payments to the school for the licence of land, damage restoration and utilities payments.

Related policies

More information

  • Contact the Senior Project Officer, Property Management - Infrastructure and Sustainability Division