Student Pregnancy and Parenting

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools support pregnant and parenting students.


Students who are pregnant or parenting:

  • have the right to continue schooling
  • must provide a medical certificate after 34 weeks stating they are fit to attend school.

Schools and principals can make local decisions to support students to continue their schooling.


This table describes how schools should support students to continue their schooling and remain connected to education.

Strategy Schools should

Modify curriculum

respond to the student’s capacity to balance:

  • workload
  • out of class commitments.


use targeted funds such as Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) to tailor programs and resources to individual student’s needs.

See: Student Resource Package within Related policies

Accredited courses

explain the options and flexibility for continuing education, including

  • Virtual School Victoria
  • VCE (can be studied over three years)
  • VCAL
  • VET in VCE
  • part-time apprenticeships
  • traineeships.

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