Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure school policies and practices comply with the policy requirements.


Victorian Government schools are required to record gifts, benefits and hospitality offers that personnel either make or receive, in accordance with the Department’s Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy (docx - 742.13kb)

All personnel including members of the Teaching Service, School Councillors, and School Council employees, and contractors are bound by the Policy and its Minimum Accountabilities.

Schools must ensure that personnel know:

  • about the policy and how it applies to them
  • where to find the policy and guidance materials, including case studies
  • where to find the online Registry System, and
  • how to record a gift, benefit or hospitality offer in the Registry System.

Schools do not need to develop local policies in relation to gifts, benefits and hospitality because the Department's policy applies in all Victorian government schools.

However, if a school wishes to adopt a policy approach that differs from the Department's, to reflect their local circumstances, schools may establish their own policy provided that it is stricter than the Department's policy. To the extent that the local school policy is inconsistent with the Department's policy, the Department's policy prevails. 

Registry System and Declarations

Personnel must record offers on the Department’s online Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Registry System, which is accessible by all school-based and corporate personnel with an eduMail account. 

School-based and corporate administrative staff, such as Business Managers in schools, are responsible for ensuring that Declarations are obtained from personnel who do not have access to the Registry System, such as School Councillors and School Council employees and any contractors. 

Register report

In accordance with the requirements of Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy Framework, a gifts, benefits and hospitality Register report is published annually on the Department’s public website, following the end of the financial year. Separate corporate and consolidated school-based reports are published. Individual school entries are de-identified, only referencing the school’s region. Restricted-access reports on offers received are also able to be generated.

Department resources

For more detailed information see the Department's intranet site: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality - Information for Schools

The policy, registry system, and guidance materials are managed by the Procurement Division, Infrastructure and Financial Systems Group. For queries in relation to the Policy and the use of the Registry System, email: