Subcommittees and Working Parties

Purpose of this policy

To enable school councils form subcommittees to assist the council.

Prerequisite legislation

School councils are governed by:

  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006
  • Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017


School councils may form subcommittees to assist the council. School councils must decide the purpose and terms of reference of subcommittees.

Subcommittees must:

  • consist of at least
    • 1 member of the school council
    • 3 members overall
  • meet as directed by the school council
  • report in writing to school council.

Subcommittees cannot make decisions on behalf of the school council.

Short term working parties:

  • can oversee the implementation of short term tasks
  • allow school councils to:
    • keep the number of subcommittees to a practical size
    • use expertise or interest from the school or wider community.

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