Risk Management

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools manage risk appropriately, to maximise their ability to deliver on their objectives, to make sound decisions, safeguard student and employee wellbeing and contribute to meeting the Victorian community and Government expectations for accountable and responsible use of public finances and resources.


Risk is the effect (positive or negative) of uncertainty on objectives. Risk management is:

  • the identification, analysis, assessment, and prioritisation of risks to the achievement of objectives
  • the coordinated allocation of resources to minimise, monitor, communicate and control risk likelihood and/or impact, or to maximise the realisation of opportunities, and
  • the coordination of activities to direct and control risks to the achievement of objectives.


School staff must ensure that risk management processes are integrated into all planning and implementation activities. For further policy information, see: the DET Risk Management Framework

A risk management process will help to deliver objectives, promote sound decision-making, and prioritise resources.  See the Department's Risk Management Process

For any queries or advice, schools should email: risk.in.education@edumail.vic.gov.au  

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Related legislation

  • Public Administration Act 2004 (Section 81, part 1b)