Performance and Development

Purpose of this topic

To ensure schools build on best practice, recognise excellence and provide support for staff development where it is required. 


The enhanced Performance and Development whole-of-practice approach promotes a consistent process and common language for the evaluation and support of staff performance and development in Victorian government schools.

The approach is intended to provide a mechanism by which staff can continuously develop their professional skills, regardless of their current performance level and is built on several key principles, including:

Evidence-based: the new approach stresses the use of concrete evidence as critical to support the achievement of goals and an indicator of performance. Evidence is also highlighted as a key enabler for staff to show their impact on their practice.

Collaboration: staff are encouraged to collaborate within and between schools to share strategies and lessons around effective pedagogical, leadership and other practices

Accountability: staff are given a degree of autonomy over their development goals in exchange for accountability over their achievement. 

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