Outside School Hours Care

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Purpose of this policy

To support schools in providing quality Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services for their school community.


OSHC services provide education and care for children before school, after school and during school holidays.

It is a school council decision to establish an OSHC service, and whether the service is school council managed and operated or delivered by a third party provider. Regardless of the operating model, school council have legal responsibilities and oversight of the OSHC service. It is recommended that school council establish an OSHC Subcommittee to support them in their responsibilities.

If a school council is establishing, engaging or changing an OSHC provider, it is expected that the school council consults with the school community.

If selecting a third party provider, school councils are strongly encouraged to conduct an expression of interest process using the Department’s OSHC Expression of interest template.

Once school council selects a preferred provider, school councils are strongly encouraged to use the Department's OSHC Licence agreement for the provision their OSHC service.


Comprehensive guidance has been developed to support school councils in their decision making to establish and then operate an OSHC. This guidance covers school council managed and third party operating models as well as what is required when transferring service providers or changing operating models.

This guidance also includes draft OSHC Subcommittee terms of reference and meeting templates for schools to adapt and use. See Department Resources below

Department resources

  • Outside Hours School Care Service Licence: for the OSHC Licence Agreement
  • Outside School Hours Care: Department site for information on the hours, locations, benefits and different operating models; the steps that schools should consider when deciding to set up a service; the regulatory frameworks, educational requirements and legislated tasks needed to open a service; applications for and preparation of a school or third party run service; promotion of the service, finances, budgets and staffing, selecting a provider, implementing a licence agreement and overseeing the daily running of a service.
  • School Council Subcommittees: for information on the role and function of a subcommittee
  • Tools and templates for schools procurement: for the OSHC Expression of Interest template