Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure all government schools have sufficient motor vehicle insurance.


This information describes the different types of required motor vehicles insurance coverage.

School owned vehicles

All school motor vehicles driven on public roads must be:

  • registered with VicRoads
  • comprehensively insured at the school’s expense.

Special developmental school buses

The coordinator of student transport services arranges comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of special developmental school buses that the Department subsidises to transport students to and from these schools.

Off road traffic safety education

Each school must arrange comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for vehicles either:

  • owned by the school
  • lent for the purposes of traffic safety education. 

Use of private motor vehicles on official business

Principals may allow staff to use private vehicles for official duties if the staff member has a current driver’s licence and the vehicle is:

  • registered
  • comprehensively insured with the State of Victoria/employer noted as an additional insured.

Note: The Department will not reimburse staff for any excess or loss of claim bonus in the event of an accident.

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