Register of Accountable Documents

​Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools maintain auditable financial systems.


Schools must:

  • maintain a register of accountable records such as:
    • receipt books
    • receipt forms
    • cheque books/stationary
    • order books.
  • record in the register the:
    • date received and the first and last serial number of each account book/stationary
    • date of issue and the name of the person to whom it is issued
    • date of the last entry
  • have the receiver of an account book initial the register to acknowledge receipt
  • issue accountable records consecutively
  • file and store accountable records for the required retention period.

Department resource

Other resources

  • For the Public Record Office Standard PROS 07/01 General Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions see: Public Record Office Victoria​.