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Purpose of this policy

To ensure that schools follow government purchasing policies.


A school council has authority to purchase or maintain the goods, equipment and material necessary to carry out its functions and:

  • must ensure that the school complies with the Department's School Procurement Policy and the Finance Manual for Victorian Government Schools including:
    • adhering to purchasing thresholds requirements
    • obtaining best value for money
    • issuing purchase orders for all goods and services purchased
    • not allowing use of a school purchase order to buy items for personal use
    • confining the authority to sign purchase orders to the principal or other designated officers approved by school council
    • recording the persons authorised to sign purchase orders in the school council minutes
    • leasing equipment under an operating lease where, at the end of the lease the equipment is returned to the supplier at no further cost to the school
    • not leasing equipment under a finance lease where, at the end of the lease ownership of the equipment would pass to the school on payment of a residual value.

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Specific policy for cars

School councils:

  • may not purchase a motor vehicle without the written consent of the regional director
  • should develop school policy and guidelines for permitted usage
  • must take out a comprehensive insurance policy with specific indemnity to the Crown
  • must register the vehicle in the name of the school council, not in a person’s name
  • must purchase vehicles of Australian manufacture. 

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Related legislation

  • Section 5.2.6 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006

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