English as an Additional Language Index Funding

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure that schools are aware of the basis upon which schools are allocated English as an Additional Language (EAL) Index Funding.


Principals must:

  • when receiving EAL Index Funding, provide programs that give ongoing English language support for EAL learners who are still in the process of learning English
  • wherever possible, assign qualified EAL teachers to EAL positions so that EAL programs are conducted by teachers who have had relevant training/experience in teaching English as an additional language
  • complete the EAL survey sent out as part of the August census.

EAL Index Funding

EAL index funding is allocated to Victorian government schools through the student resource package (SRP). Funding is based on data collected in the census from all government schools in August each year.

A school’s EAL allocation is weighted to reflect the differing densities of Student Family Occupations. Schools are required to meet a funding threshold before receiving EAL index funding.

The following is the suggested priority order for assigning teachers to EAL positions:

  • teachers who hold an approved post graduate EAL qualification
  • teachers who do not hold an approved post graduate EAL qualification but have had experience in teaching EAL, or are undertaking an approved tertiary course in teaching EAL, or who have attended EAL professional learning courses.

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