School Equipment Coverage Scheme

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Purpose of policy

To ensure all government schools have sufficient insurance for equipment.


The School Equipment Coverage Scheme (SECS) applies to all government schools and to all school-owned equipment, including library books and teaching aids.

Policy coverage

The scheme:

  • covers school-owned equipment for loss or damage caused by ,fire, burglary, storm or vandalism
  • includes special risk cover for unforeseeable disasters
  • applies in term time or during vacations, to items approved for use by the principal:
    • at the school or outside the school grounds anywhere in Australia
    • during the conduct of educational activities or for other educational purposes.

Note: Keep correct records to justify any future claims.

Important: To be covered, schools must maintain records compliant with Asset Recording and Control (see: Related policies).


Not covered by this scheme:

  • school-owned equipment that is accidentally lost, damaged or misused
  • items stolen without visible forced entry
  • personal items of students or staff
  • buildings
  • fixtures
  • fittings
  • furniture
  • consumable items (including canteen stock)
  • cash
  • items other than books purchased for less than $10
  • Items leased, rented or lent to the school
  • items on hire purchase, 

Reasonable care

Cover under the scheme is conditional upon schools showing reasonable care to safeguard school equipment. The school council:

  • is responsible for the security of school facilities and equipment
  • should develop security guidelines and implement physical security measures such as:
    • lockable storerooms
    • security cables and similar devices
    • protective window grilles
    • effective management of the school’s intruder detection system.

Related policies

Department resources

For more information:

  • on insurance (including Insurance Arrangements Guidelines for Schools), see: Guidelines and Forms or 
  • contact the Victorian School Building Authority.