School Council Contract Works

Purpose of this policy

To ensure all government schools have sufficient construction insurance.


  • The Department has insurance for:
    • principal controlled construction risks
    • minor/urgent maintenance work. 
  • School councils must ensure that builders do not quote or charge the costs of insurance for any contract let for the construction of works.

Note: Works that are totally or partially funded by sources, other then the Department, must be reported to the Family Payments & Insurance Unit to be covered by the Department’s Construction risks policy.

Policy coverage

This policy:

  • indemnifies all insured parties for:
    • direct costs incurred in rectifying and/or replacing the contract works following physical loss or damage during the construction period
    • the defects liability (maintenance) period.
    • legal liability arising out of contracts covered by the physical damage section
  • covers all parties:
    • involved in the construction process
    • who have a financial interest including the school council, principal and project manager
    • delivering materials while on site.

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