Homework Expectations

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Purpose of this topic

To ensure that schools set homework that supports educational requirements.


Homework should be:

  • appropriate to the student's skill level and age
  • purposeful, meaningful and relevant to the curriculum
  • interesting, challenging and when appropriate open ended
  • assessed by teachers with feedback and support provided
  • balanced with a range of recreational, family and cultural activities.

Types of homework

This table describes the type of homework that meets these expectations.

Type Description

Practice exercises

Provide opportunities for students to apply new knowledge or to review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills, such as:

  • reading for pleasure
  • practising spelling words
  • practising physical education skills
  • writing essays and other creative tasks
  • practising and playing musical instruments
  • completing consolidation exercises for Mathematics
  • practising words/phrases learnt in a Language Other Than English.

Extension assignments

Encourage students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively, such as:

  • writing a book review
  • researching local news
  • finding material on the Internet
  • making or designing an art work
  • monitoring advertising in a newspaper
  • completing Science investigation exercises

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