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Purpose of this policy

To ensure that cycling programs are organised appropriately to ensure student safety.

Prerequisite policy


To provide a cycling program schools must:

  • ensure that:
    • staff involved in the program are experienced and preferably qualified in bicycle education
    • there is the minimum overall ratio of at least one staff member for every ten students or part thereof
    • all cyclists wear an approved bicycle helmet that is fitted and positioned correctly with the chin strap adjusted correctly and secured firmly
    • each cyclist wears a conspicuous vest, a bright top, or has a bright flag attached to the bicycle
    • all cyclists wear closed toe footwear
    • the bicycle is the right size for the student and in good mechanical condition
  • have at least:
    • one staff member who is qualified in bicycle education
    • two staff present with each group of students.

Program approval

If the program is conducted:

  • within school grounds, the local environment or on bicycle paths then it is considered as a day excursion and requires principal approval
  • beyond the local environment, on open roads or at BMX tracks then it is considered as an excursions and require school council approval.

Note: The Department does not approve the installation of BMX tracks on school sites.

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