Careers Development and Youth Transition

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Purpose of this policy

To support schools to provide career development and transition programs and advice that assist young people to make decisions that enable them to make successful transitions to further education, training and employment and support their lifelong learning and career planning.


Schools must provide young people with career development programs and services that equip them with knowledge, skills and capabilities to become self-reliant career managers who are able to make the best possible educational, training and occupational choices and manage their life, learning and work in rapidly changing labour markets see: Careers and Transition Resource Kit

Programs and support sources

Programs and support services can include:

  • careers counselling advice through personal interviews and group discussions
  • careers information – printed and electronic resources
  • career education
  • telephone advice and online help.

Career development services are provided in a wide range of settings including schools and tertiary institutions, public employment services, private providers, enterprises and community settings.

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