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Sponsorship is the act of supporting an event or organisation financially through the provision of products, services or activities, in exchange for rights (including naming rights) or certain specified benefits (such as logo placement or public acknowledgement).

Sponsorships can provide a mutually beneficial and purposeful relationship between organisations/businesses and Victorian Government schools.

There are two types of sponsorship:

  • Incoming - where an external organisation provides financial or in-kind support for a school initiative, event or program. Schools most usually engage in incoming sponsorship activities.
  • Outgoing - where a school provides financial or in-kind support to an external organisation for their initiative, event or program. 


The Department's Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines (docx - 436.77kb) is designed to assist school (and corporate) staff to manage possible sponsorship opportunities.

Schools must:

  • undertake sponsorships in an ethical and fair manner and disclose any conflict of interests
  • only engage in sponsorship activities that:
    • promote and improve educational outcomes
    • support school goals and objectives
    • increases effectiveness of the Department's strategic programs
    • engages or builds relationships with stakeholders.
  • assess proposed sponsorships against the policy and guidelines
  • assess the value and benefits of the sponsorship against project or program criteria
  • draft sponsorship agreements on receipt of relevant approvals
  • ensure all sponsorship agreements have end dates
  • register and record all sponsorship details
  • monitor and evaluate the sponsorship arrangement.

Schools must not engage an external sponsor whose business activities are considered inappropriate, including: 

  • activities aimed at delivering or replacing core Department or agency services
  • values, products, purposes or objectives which are inconsistent with those of the Department
  • political parties, tobacco companies, gaming venues, companies involved in the sale/promotion of alcohol, companies involved in the sale/promotion of firearms
  • companies that encourage unhealthy food choices by young people
  • religious organisations or religious activities
  • charities and not-for-profit organisations not registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
  • organisations or companies that are financially unsound or unstable
  • agencies with inspectorial or regulatory powers over the Department
  • sponsors requiring the Department to directly endorse or promote its products and/or services
  • any activity in breach of the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees


Sponsorship activities $25,000 and under must be approved by the school council.

Sponsorship activities above $25,000 must be approved by the school council and relevant Regional Director.

  • If approved by the Regional Director, the school must then inform the Executive Director, Communications Division, by email at: sponsorship@edumail.vic.gov.au.
  • Where the sponsor has requested naming rights of an asset, event or initiative the Communications Division will seek the Minister's approval on the school's behalf.

For further information on the approval process please contact the Strategic Communications Branch, Communications Division, by email at: sponsorship@edumail.vic.gov.au 

Schools should otherwise seek advice from Schools Procurement in the first instance, by email at: schools.procurement@edumail.vic.gov.au


The level of acknowledgement provided to sponsors should be consistent with the level of sponsorship.

While forms of acknowledgement may vary, some examples that could be considered include:

  • placement of a plaque or notice in a format that has the prior approval of the sponsor, for the duration of a sponsored activity, or for an agreed period of time
  • public display at functions of temporary signage acknowledging the sponsorship
  • acknowledgement of the sponsorship in newsletters (e.g. advertisement) or speeches
  • a letter of appreciation to the sponsor
  • inclusion of a by-line, forward or advertisement from the sponsor in a school’s prospectus, magazine or other publication
  • attendance by the sponsor at school functions and an opportunity for the sponsor to make an address or present an award.


The following table provides links to sponsorship documents and templates to assist schools in establishing and maintaining effective sponsorship arrangements.


Sponsorship Procedure (Schools) (docx - 73.71kb)   

a guide to the steps required to undertake sponsorship activities, including advice on relevant approvals

Case studies and FAQs (docx - 34.06kb)     

common scenarios schools may experience 

Sponsorship Register (docx - 64.08kb)                 

a template register for school use

​Assessing Sponsorship Checklist (docx - 212.8kb)

​key questions to ensure schools have sufficient information to assess the proposed sponsorship against the policy

Incoming Sponsorship Letter (docx - 28.67kb)

​engagement letter for use when the incoming sponsorship does not exceed $25,000

The following table provides links to additional resources relating to outgoing sponsorships and sponsorships above $25,000. 

Outgoing Sponsorship Letter (docx - 30.38kb)

​engagement letter for use where a school may offer sponsorship, not exceeding $25,000, to an external party

School Council Sponsorship Agreement (Incoming) (docx - 70.53kb)

​licence agreement for use when the value of the incoming sponsorship is greater than $25,000

School Council Sponsorship Agreement (Outgoing) (docx - 70.72kb)

​licence agreement for use when the value of the outgoing sponsorship is greater than $25,000

Sponsorship Declaration Form (docx - 49.48kb)

​sponsorships with a value greater than $25,000 are to be reported to the Strategic Communications Branch by filling out the form and emailing it to: sponsorships@edumail.vic.gov.au

​Post-Sponsorship Evaluation Report (docx - 210.36kb)

to be completed by the school at the conclusion of a  sponsorship arrangement where the value was greater than $25,000

Incoming Sponsorship Evaluation Form (docx - 224.14kb)

to be sent to the sponsor at the conclusion of a  sponsorship arrangement where the value was greater than $25,000

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