Interpreting and Translation Services

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure that principals use available services for communicating with parents and guardians who require interpreting and translating assistance, within set guidelines.


Principals must offer parents and guardians from language backgrounds other than English:

  • the use of interpreters when they do not have the English language skills to enable them to fully understand in English information about the education of their children
  • translations of key information, when necessary to ensure that they have full access to information about the education of their children.

Principals must use the Department’s provider, VITS LanguageLoop, to access free interpreting and translating services, within set guidelines.

Note: In line with Victorian Government policy to help all Victorians deal with government departments and agencies, interpreting and translating services are available free, within set guidelines, to government schools.

These services ensure that parents and guardians who require an interpreter or translated information have access to school information, and are better able to communicate with schools. The service operates within set guidelines, and is not available to assist individual students in classrooms, or to support curriculum-related activities.  To access the guidelines see: Use an interpreter or translator