Outcome of application

Offers to all four selective entry high schools will commence on 9 August 2018. Late offers may continue until 29 November 2018.

Reports on your child's performance will be distributed on 29 August 2018.

Please note that while offers can be accepted, enrolments will not be finalised until the official Application to Enrol form has been processed by the individual school.

Response to offers

All offers will be sent via email and will contain instructions about how to accept the offer by the closing date provided.

You must respond to the Selective Entry Unit, not to individual schools.

Please note that if you decline the offer on behalf of your child or do not respond by the closing date, the offer will go to another student.

Acknowledgement of response

Whether you accept or decline an offer, an acknowledgement email or SMS will be sent confirming your decision. If this confirmation is not received within 24 hours you should contact the Selective Entry Unit.

Withdrawal of offers

Offers will be withdrawn if it is found that students do not satisfy all the eligibility requirements.

Offers or enrolments may be terminated if a placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

Offers will lapse if the Selective Entry Unit is unable to contact the applicant to make an offer, or determine the response.

Late offers

Parents may be contacted in the event that a vacancy arises at any of the schools that were on the applicant’s original preference list. This would include:

  • an offer of a place to an applicant who was previously unsuccessful in an earlier round of offers
  • an applicant who is eligible to receive an offer for a higher-preference school.

After 29 November 2018, no further offers will be made to students who have already accepted a place at a selective entry high school.