The Department's Transitions Framework

What does a successful move from primary to secondary school look like?

Moving from primary to secondary school is an important step in the next stage of your child’s education. For children and young people, the most significant transitions occur when they start school, move from primary to secondary school and then leave school for adult life. The Year 6 – Year 7 transition happens alongside a transition from childhood to adulthood and includes many changes – changes to bodies, emotions, behaviours and attitudes. The transition process starts in Year 5 for some students and families and concludes with the successful settlement in secondary school up until Year 8.

The Department’s evidence-based framework – drawn from current investigations into effective transition programs in Victorian government schools – shows there are three main aspects of transition:

Administration and Information

What’s involved in the transition process and what information should schools be providing to students and families?

Enrolling in secondary school is an administrative process facilitated by the Department's regional offices throughout Victoria.  Early in Year 6 you will be asked to complete an Application for Year 7 Placement form. This enables secondary schools to plan for the following year. Your school's Year 6 coordinator can help you with this.

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Teaching and Learning

What do students, parents and teachers need to do to take account of the differences between primary and secondary approaches to teaching and learning?

Homework is a vital part of developing your child’s capacity to learn independently and manage their time.  At secondary school your child will generally have homework each day. The number of hours per day increases as students move into senior years. You can help your child by asking questions, helping them focus and encouraging them to persist with difficult material.

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Social and Personal

Where do opportunities and challenges for students lie as they make their way from primary to secondary school?  How do we best support students to make a successful transition through this time?

Making new friends and fitting in socially is especially important when children start secondary school. Students adapt to adolescent life in different ways and your child’s friendships may change as they develop a sense of themselves and make sense of the world around them. Similarly, a child’s relationship with their parents and family may also change.

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