Each Victorian government school has a school council that decides on the uniform guidelines for the school – if the school will have a uniform, what the uniform will be and whether it will be compulsory to wear.

You should find out the school uniform requirements prior to enrolling your child in the school.

Your child will generally be required to wear their school uniform during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when they are engaged in school activities out of school hours.

Some schools have arrangements with uniform suppliers, or a school shop, where you can buy uniforms. Schools may also hold sales of second hand uniforms during the year.

For more information, see: Dress Code policy in the School Policy and Advisory Guide

Assistance with uniforms and shoes

If your family is eligible, you can receive financial assistance to help meet the costs of your child's education, including uniforms and shoes.

This support is provided by not-for-profit organisation State Schools' Relief (SSR). Over four years, the government is providing SSR with more than $15.65 million. With this funding, State Schools' Relief will provide around 35,000 students across Victoria with new uniforms, shoes, books and more every year for four years.

For more information, see: State Schools' Relief