Learning During the School Holidays

Main points:

  • Supporting your child’s learning at home can continue throughout the school holidays.
  • There are many fun activities at home and around Victoria that can help your child learn while enjoying this time away from school.


  • See if the before and after school care at your child’s school is offering any holiday activities for your child’s age group.
  • Check with your local library for children’s activities scheduled during the school holidays.
  • Check with your local council for school holiday activities for your child’s age group.
  • Consider allowing your child to choose what they want to do for one day during the school holidays and then make that day a special one just for them.
  • Spend the day cooking with your child to help with their reading, maths and science skills.
  • Organise a craft day with your child. You could make birthday or Christmas cards, paint or create simple friendship bands with a mixture of buttons and big beads.
  • Grandparents are wonderful resources. Your child could stay with them for some of the school holidays and they could help extend your child’s vocabulary skills by telling family stories. 
  • Help your child make a cubby house outside or inside with cushions and spare blankets under a table or a bed.
  • Hold a treasure hunt. You could hide toys, books or treats all over the house and garden and let your child search for them to discover the treasures you've hidden.  

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