Changing schools

Transferring from one primary school to another is a big step for most children. They are leaving behind the security of the familiar surroundings of their current primary school and entering a whole new environment.

When a student transfers from one government primary school to another within Victoria, the outgoing school gives the principal of the new school a transfer note. The note includes information about the student – their name, address, emergency contact details, any medical conditions and their academic records.

Whether your child is changing schools within Victoria, from another state or from overseas, it is useful for the new primary school to see school reports and examples of your child’s work from their previous school. This will assist the new primary school to do all they can to make the transition as smooth as possible for your child.

How you can help

As a parent, you can help your child’s transition into a new school by:

  • involving your child as much as possible when you are choosing the new school
  • asking them how they feel about the new school
  • showing them around the school before their first day
  • meeting their new teacher/s
  • preparing them for school by talking about their first day
  • keeping in contact with important friends from their previous school
  • talking to them about the new school they will be attending
  • finding opportunities to meet parents and children from the new school.

When your child is starting Prep in a Victorian government school, your child’s kindergarten will give you a Transition Learning and Development Statement for you to give to the new primary school, especially if you are already living in Victoria. This will inform the new teachers of your child’s learning strengths and needs so they can develop a program that is suitable for them.p>

For more information, see: Preparing for School