Transition from Year 6 to 7 - Information for Parents, Guardians and Carers

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School

For children and young people, the most significant transitions occur when they start school, move from primary to secondary school, and from secondary schooling to adult life. It is a process of change that for some students may require substantial preparation, planning, adjustment and support.

The principles and intentions that guide effective transition planning are shared for all children and young people, including those living with a disability. What may differ is the need for transitions to be clearly planned over a longer duration, and for schools to recognise the impact that such changes may have on the student, and also on their parent/guardian/carer(s), siblings, peers and teachers.

Transition Planning

Transition planning draws together information from a range of individuals and settings beyond the primary school, in order to plan coherently for a student’s transition. Good practice programs that help with the transition of primary school students with complex needs to secondary school work well when they:

  • begin well in advance of the point of transition
  • are person-centred and personalised to the individual needs of students
  • are collaborative and involve the student and parent/guardian/carer(s) as vital partners

The Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School resource transition provides suggested steps and a sequence for overseeing the transition of students with additional or complex needs that arise from disability from primary to secondary school, including timelines and templates.

      Transition Support Funding

      Transition Support Funding is available to government secondary schools to support students starting Year 7 in 2017 who are no longer eligible for the Program for Students with Disabilities after their Year 6-7 Review.  A minimum of $2000 per student (pro rata) will be included in the Student Support Package to support the delivery of personalised teaching and learning programs that respond to students' needs.

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