Student Support Groups

Student Support Groups support your child if they have a disability or additional needs.

A Student Support Group is mandatory for all students in the Program for Students with Disabilities, and is strongly encouraged for any student with additional learning needs.

When enrolling a child with a disability in a school, the principal will give you information about the specific support available to help your child take part in the school’s education program.

The focus of the Student Support Group is on educational planning for your child and monitoring their progress.

It is the responsibility of the principal to set up and run the Student Support Group and make sure all members of the group take part and work together.

Members of the Student Support Group

A Student Support Group consists of:

  • you
  • a parent/guardian/carer advocate if chosen by you
  • the teacher or teachers who have responsibility for your child
  • the principal or a nominee (to act as chairperson)
  • your child (where appropriate).

The Student Support Group may also invite input from any other person with knowledge of your child or with information relevant to the educational or social needs of your child.

Aims of the Student Support Group

The aims of the Student Support Group are to:

  • make sure that those with the most knowledge of, and responsibility for your child, work together to set shared goals for your child’s education
  • plan reasonable adjustments for your child to access the curriculum
  • provide educational planning that is ongoing throughout your child’s school life
  • monitor your child's progress.

Responsibilities of the Student Support Group

In order to achieve these aims it is the responsibility of the Student Support Group to:

  • identify your child’s needs
  • determine any adjustments to be made to your child’s curriculum, teaching and learning
  • plan an appropriate educational program for your child
  • develop a personalised learning and support plan
  • discuss the plan with your child’s teachers and help them to put the plan in place
  • give advice to the principal about the additional educational needs of your child and what may be required to meet these needs
  • review and evaluate your child’s program once per term, and at other times if requested by any member of the group.

For more information on Student Support Group guidelines, see: Student Support Group  Guidelines (docx - 580kb)