More Information

​​Below are some of the various links, references and resources available to families, professionals, children and young people on the autism spectrum seeking guidance and further information to help the educational development of Victorian children and young people on the autism spectrum.​​


Formerly Autism Victoria, Amaze is a member-based not-for-profit organisation and is the peak body for people on the autism spectrum and their families in Victoria.  Amaze aims to increase: community awareness and understanding of autism, support institutions (government, private and social sectors) to build on positive engagement with people on the autism spectrum and; work towards increased choices and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for people affected by ASD, their family and carers, and to provide a range of services to individuals with ASD and the agencies that work with them.  For more information, see: Amaze

Autism Family Support Association

​The Autism Family Support Association Inc. (AFSA) is a community based volunteer group serving those in Victoria who have a family member(s) on the Autism Spectrum.  AFSA is managed by a voluntary committee and its purpose is to assist and support individuals on the autism spectrum.​  For more information, see: AFSA

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is a service provider for people on the autism spectrum. Their specialised, evidence​​ informed schools program is the largest in the world, with additional services that include information and advice, diagnostic assessments, behaviour support, parent and family support, and adult programs. They share evidence-informed Aspect practice and applied research nationwide. For more information see: Aspect

​Positive Partnerships

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training funds Autism Spectrum Australia to deliver Positive Partnerships as part of the Helping Children with Autism package.

Positive Partnerships aims to improve educational outcomes for schools aged students on the autism spectrum.  This is achieved by offering professional development to strengthen the skills of educational staff. The Victorian Department of Education and Training continues to work with the Positive Partnership's Victorian team to tailor professional learning to meet the needs of schools and families.  For more information, see: Positive Partn​erships

Raising Children Netw​ork

The Raising Children Network provides support and guidance in all aspects of children's development, including children with additional needs. For details on service providers and different types of therapies available for children with ASD, see: Children with ASD