Home based support programs

Supporting students with a disability and complex health care needs at home.

The Department provides a range of resources to schools to enable the delivery of a high quality program for all students.

In Victoria, education is compulsory for children aged between 6 and 17.  All students are expected to attend normal school hours every school day of each term.  In exceptional circumstances, however, the severity of a student’s disability in combination with the fragility of their health may prevent them from attending school for a period of time.

The Home-Based Educational Support Program supports schools to provide students with severe disabilities and comorbid fragile health with an educational program when they are unable to attend their enrolled school, due to the nature and impact of their medical condition or disability and health needs.

The purpose of the Home-Based Educational Support Program is to:

  • assist schools to support ongoing relationships with enrolled students with severe disabilities and comorbid fragile health and their families
  • provide eligible students with an education program
  • to maintain the student’s engagement with school and plan and implement their transition back to school

Application process and timelines

Home-Based Educational Programs must be developed by the Victorian government mainstream or specialist school in which the student is enrolled, in cooperation with the student’s parent/guardian/carer(s).

For Guidelines, forms and timelines for schools, see Help for Students Who Can't Attend School Due to Disability and Complex Health Care Needs.