Early entry to school

Some gifted children may benefit from starting school at a younger age. However, parents need to understand that this is only one way of providing satisfying learning opportunities for a child who may be advanced.

Some children are drawn to academic type learning quite early, for instance often teaching themselves to read and/or showing an early strength in mathematical learning. If they are also socially and emotionally mature, these children may be ready to be part of a school-based learning program at an earlier age than usual.

Other children, including early readers, can benefit equally or more from an early childhood program offering enriched learning opportunities across a range of learning areas.

If you have questions about the best time for your child to commence school  you should discuss this decision with relevant professionals.

When should I consider early entry to school for my child?

You should take into account the following factors regarding your child when considering early entry: 

  • shows readiness for reading and good mathematics reasoning (or is already reading and calculating)
  • is eager to start school
  • is highly motivated to learn
  • is comfortable with older students
  • has longer attention span than age peers
  • is socially mature, emotionally stable, perceptive, confident 
  • acts independently 
  • likes being challenged and perceives school as a place to learn.

Transitioning gifted children

Transitioning from home to a formal learning environment can be a positive experience if appropriate time, discussion and familiarisation with the new environment occurs. For more information on a smooth transition for your child form a home environment to a learning environment, see:

Further information

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