Gifted and talented children

Gifted student blackboard 

All parents want their children, whatever their level of ability, to develop into well-balanced and independent people who are able to engage fully in life. For gifted children this often involves experiences and activities that may differ from children who are performing at the expected level for their age.

The information provided in this section aims to support parents* of school-age children to understand the learning, social and emotional characteristics that being gifted often comes with.

Information is also provided regarding the vital role you as a parent can play as a partner in your child's learning. See:

For culturally diverse families and those in a rural context, gifted children may not always be identified, potentially leading to underachievement. If your family falls under one of these categories, see:

A range of additional resources have also been provided for parents of gifted children so that they may better understand the needs of their child. See:

These web pages have been developed in consultation with the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children and Dr Anne Grant from Deakin University.

* Throughout these pages the term 'parents' has been used, and is intended to be inclusive of, caregivers, grandparents or other adults who play a significant caring role in the child's life.