Digital Learning

Digital Learning opens up an exciting world of learning opportunities for your child.

Students use a range of technologies enabling them to access information, resources, software and tools that can support and enhance their learning activities.

Digital technologies also enable you to have greater involvement in your child’s learning. Your child will be using technology both in the classroom and at home to connect, collaborate, curate and create content, and to share their work with you, their teachers and other learners. 

To find out more about how your child's learning will be enhanced, see: Benefits

The use of digital technologies also enables your child to learn anywhere and at any time, and teachers have greater access to learning resources to help them plan and provide activities.

The Department provides access to quality digital resources through its learning website FUSE. Your child can access thousands of educational resources from around the world including websites, videos, images, audio and more, all quality assured by teachers.

FUSE Primary Students

Students can discover, engage with and learn about subjects and ideas supporting their classroom activities and use FUSE to expand their learning by exploring new areas that they are interested in.

You can use FUSE at home to engage with your child's learning.