Staying Informed

​​The more you know about your child’s school, the more you will be able to support your child’s learning. The following communication channels are available so you can be kept informed of your child’s experience at school. You can also arrange meetings with your child’s classroom teacher, year-level coordinator or the principal throughout the year.

Student reports

Student reports provide an overview of how well your child is doing at school. They will provide you with clear, individualised and accurate information about your child’s learning progress. In partnership with you, students and the local community, your school will determine the timing, frequency and format of reports.

For more information, see: Student Reports

Parent-teacher conferences

You will be offered the opportunity to participate in parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress during the year.

A parent-teacher conference enables you to:

  • discuss how your child is progressing, both academically and socially
  • see examples of work
  • get to know your child’s teacher/s
  • stay informed about and contribute to plans for your child’s future learning
  • discuss how you can support your child’s further progress at school.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress throughout the year you can contact the school for an appointment and make a mutually convenient time to meet with the classroom teacher or year-level coordinator.

For more information, see: Parent-Teacher Conferences

School newsletters

School newsletters include important information, dates and promote student achievements. They provide a great way to learn about what is happening at school and activities you and your child can be involved in. Your school will determine the most effective method of distributing this information to the school community, either as an eNewsletter and/or in printed form.

Where you need to receive more than one printed newsletter, you should contact your school to make arrangements.

Annual report to the school communities

The annual report to school communities provides a concise summary of a school’s achievements and progress. Government schools are required to share their annual reports with their local communities.

Annual reports are placed on the school’s website and on the Victorian State Register, which is managed by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

Contact your school for a copy of their annual report, or visit the school's website or, see: VRQA State Register

Interpreting and translating services for parents

All government schools can provide access to interpreting and translating services free of charge for parents from language backgrounds other than English.

Schools can provide interpreters for:

  • parent–teacher conferences
  • information sessions on school programs
  • issues concerning discipline or welfare
  • educational assessment of students
  • enrolling students.

Schools can also arrange translations of key newsletter items, school notices and program information.

The school is responsible for organising interpreting and translating services.

For more information contact your school or, see: Use an Interpreter or Translator

SchoolMate mobile app 

SchoolMate is a free mobile app, produced by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, for parents of school-aged children up to Year 10. It provides you with an overview of what your child is learning at school, and offers practical tips about what you can do at home to support your child's learning.

For more information, see: SchoolMate​​

To download SchoolMate, visit: