Primary School Nursing Program

The Primary School Nursing Program (PSNP) is a free service offered by the Department to all children attending primary schools and English Language Centre schools in Victoria.

Primary school nurses visit schools throughout the year to provide children with the opportunity to have their health checked; provide information and advice about healthy behaviours and link children and families to community-based health and wellbeing services.

The PSNP is designed to identify children with potential health-related learning difficulties and to respond to parent and carer concerns and observations about their child's health and wellbeing. Parents or carers complete the School Entrant Health Questionnaire (SEHQ) which is distributed during the first year of school. With parent and carer consent, follow-up health checks are conducted by the school nurse.

Other activities offered by the program may include formal and informal health education and health promotion to the school community.

For more information about the PSNP, see: Primary School Nursing Program (pdf - 3.46mb)

For more information about health assessments, see: