Primary school

As part of enrolling your child in a Victorian government primary school, or transferring between schools, you need to show your child’s immunisation status certificate to the school – even if they have not been immunised.

The school keeps a copy of all certificates so that, in the event of a disease outbreak, children who have not been immunised can be identified quickly and sent home until the risk of infection has passed.

For more information on how you can provide this important information to your school, see: Starting primary school? Immunisation information for parents enrolling a child

Secondary school immunisations

Secondary school students in Victoria can receive free immunisations to make sure they are protected against preventable diseases.

The Department of Health has a fact sheet with information about immunisations for parents of secondary school students.

The fact sheets aim to keep you up-to-date with the secondary school-based immunisations programs. They also provide information on what you need to do and how your child can access a free vaccine if they missed it at school.

For more information or to read the resource, see: Secondary School Vaccine Program Guide

More information

For more information contact your local council, your doctor or the Immunisation Program (Department of Health) on 1300 882 008 or see: Health Professional Online Services​