Help for Families Facing Hardship (State Schools' Relief)

​You can get help to cover the cost of some school items if you're facing hardship. This help is provided through State Schools' Relief.

You can receive help if you have a child at a Victorian Government school in any year level and are facing one or more of the following:

  • Health issues resulting in serious financial difficulty.
  • House fires where school clothing is lost.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Serious financial difficulty.

What you get

Parents or carers may receive free or discounted:

  • new school uniforms
  • new school shoes
  • new textbooks

How to apply

Schools apply to State Schools' Relief for this support, rather than families. You are encouraged to talk to you school principal, assistant principal or student welfare coordinator about your situation and they will assess what you can receive.

Students starting prep or year 7 in 2018 who are able to receive the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund are automatically able to get help with uniforms. For more information, see: Help with school uniforms


The Victorian Government has provided more than $15.65 million to State Schools’ Relief to help provide 100,000 students with free or discounted new school uniforms, shoes, books and graphic calculators over four years (2015-19).

State Schools' Relief works closely with all government schools across Victoria. Each year State Schools' Relief assists families who are experiencing financial disadvantage with school clothing, shoes and other essential items.

For more information, see: State Schools' Relief