Parent Payments - Personal Devices FAQs

​The following frequently asked questions provide further details about parent payments for the use of personal devices.

Frequently Asked Questions 

My child's school has a program where parents pay for laptop computers or tablets. Do I have to purchase/lease the device specified by the school?

No. Your school will have information about its use of laptop computers/tablets which you can ask about. It is the parents' choice whether they purchase/lease these items or not.

If you do not purchase/lease the device, the school will provide a device for your child during the times the device is required at school.

My child already has a laptop computer/tablet. Can he/she use this at school instead of purchasing the one(s) the school is specifying?

Yes, your school will have information on the types of devices that can connect to the school network.

Generally, if you already have a device at home that is similar and suitable you may be able to use it at school. The school must allow your child to use their own device. However, parents should be aware that it will not always be practical or possible to connect a device that is not the one specified by the school.

While the school should provide some technical assistance to allow the device to be connected to the EduSTAR wireless network, the amount of technical support that can be provided by the school is limited.

The other consideration is that it may not be possible to install required software for licencing reasons and parents may need to organise their own purchase of the software.

I would like to purchase/lease the laptop computer offered by the school but it is too expensive. What can I do?

All schools offering programs where parents pay for the costs of their child's device will ensure they have support options available for parents who may have difficulties paying for the devices. These options should include offering payment plans and subsidised devices.

If you are experiencing difficulties in providing or paying the school to provide the digital device, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Principal or other nominated senior staff member to discuss assistance the school can provide.

All information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If I choose not to purchase or provide the laptop computer specified by the school for my child, will they miss out at school?

If parents choose not to purchase/lease the device, the school will provide a device for the child during the times the device is required at school.

I don't agree with students having their own computing devices for school. I am concerned that my child already has too much screen time and this should be cut down, not increased.

The discerning use of digital technologies in the classroom can maximise learning opportunities. Students learn how to engage with the world around them, connect, collaborate, access information and acquire digital skills to participate in life and work. Personal devices are important learning tools. Research shows that there are many benefits to your child having a personal device. A sense of ownership creates a greater connection to using the device for learning, and students can learn anywhere and at any time in a way that suits their needs.

School councils must approve the parent provision, purchase or lease of networked personal devices (such as laptop computers or tablets). Schools are required to consult with and seek out the views of their school communities when introducing such programs. If you have issues with this sort of program you should raise your concerns with your school principal or school council.

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