School Charges and Costs

When you send your child to a government school, there may be some costs involved. Your child’s school can ask for payments for the materials and services your child uses at school. You may also be asked to make a voluntary donation to support the school.

There are three categories of items or services that school councils can request payments for from you:

  • essential education items, which you need to buy for your child or pay the school to buy for you, these can include stationery, text books and school uniforms
  • optional extras, which are offered on a user-pays basis and you can choose whether or not your child will use, such as school magazines or extracurricular programs
  • voluntary financial contributions, which your school may ask you to make.

School councils are responsible for developing and approving a policy for their school around fees and family contributions. This school-level policy must reflect the Department's policy and be given to parents and guardians.

For answers to some of the common questions about school costs for parents, see: Parent Payments in Victorian Government Schools

For a copy of the Department’s policy regarding parent payments at government schools, see: Parent Payments