Complaints Beyond the Classroom

This page outlines the general steps involved in resolving complaints that go beyond the classroom at your school.

The procedure at each school can differ and your principal may refer your complaint to another staff member who has responsibility for the specific area of your concern. For example, the assistant principal may be responsible for student management. To understand how your complaint would be handled, check your school's complaints policy and procedures.

At any time in the process you can have a support person to assist you, see: Using a Support Person

Complaints beyond the classroom including issues about school staff

  1. Be clear about the issues and facts of your complaint, see: Before Making a Complaint
  2. Contact the principal or other staff member named in your school's complaints procedures. Explain your complaint as clearly as possible.
  3. Allow some time for the principal/staff member to consider your concerns and discuss them with any relevant school community members.
  4. Discuss the principal/staff member’s findings and how the complaint can be resolved.

If your complaint is justified possible outcomes might include:

    • an apology or expression of regret
    • a change of decision
    • a change of policy, procedure or practice
    • a refund of parent payments
    • the provision of student counselling or other support.

Check your school's complaints policy and procedures. This will provide details of all the steps to follow including the next staff member to discuss your complaint with.

If your issue has not been resolved by following your school's complaints procedures, see: Not Satisfied with the School's Response to Your Complaint?