Complaints About the Principal

​Principals have the authority and responsibility to organise, manage and administer the school.

If your complaint is about the school principal you can contact your school's region. If you are unsure about what region your child's school is in, please ask the school or see Contacting your region below.

Before you contact the region it helps to be able to clearly outline your complaint:

  • be clear about the issues you want to discuss
  • focus on the facts and the things that affect your child
  • remember you may not have all the facts relating to the matter you want to raise
  • think about how the matter could be resolved
  • be informed by checking the Department's and the school's policies and guidelines
  • be realistic about what can be done.

When contacting the region for the first time, ask to speak to a community liaison officer and they will be able to help you register your complaint and explain how your complaint will be considered.

Allow time for the region to provide the principal and any others involved in the matter with the issues you have raised so that everyone’s views can be considered.  In some cases, where the matter being raised is complex and involves a number of people, the time allowed could go beyond 20 school days.

You can use the Department's complaint form if you wish to submit a complaint in writing, see: Parent Complaint Form (docx - 129.07kb)

Contacting your region

For regions and their contact details, see: Regions

To find out which region your child's school is in, see: Find an early childhood service or school. Search the school's name and click on 'details' to find the region.