The latest On Track Survey shows 54 per cent of Victorian students who completed year 12 in 2013 went straight from school to university to do a bachelor degree course.

Your child can take an alternative pathway into university by transferring from recognised VET studies or taking part in bridging or foundation programs that help prepare them for university courses.

If your child wants to study at university, it’s important to think about course requirements, including prerequisite Year 11 and 12 subjects.

Your child should also think about:

  • what study would suit their abilities and interests
  • which course at which university is the best option
  • how much it will cost and how to pay 
  • living costs 
  • opportunities for work after graduation.

The careers and course information centres at any university can offer you more advice on studying at university.

For more information about applying and attending university, see:

Victoria’s training system opens doors to a range of careers. Deciding on the best opportunity for you is complex. Understanding industry trends, training and job opportunities where you live and skills that are in demand can assist you in this process, as can the guidance of a professional careers practitioner.

To help plan your career path, check out the resources at: