Choosing an RTO

When it comes to choosing where to train, it’s important to shop around. There can be a big difference in costs, services and study options across training providers.

Think about the following when you’re deciding which RTO to choose:

  • How long are the courses?
  • How big are the classes?
  • How many contact hours are there each week?
  • Are there flexible options such as part-time or online study?
  • What support services are available for people with disabilities, people from rural areas and Indigenous students?

You can use the following checklist with some useful questions to help compare training providers. There’s also space for you to include your own questions about what is important to you.

To access the Victorian Skills Gateway checklist, see: RTO research checklist (docx - 17kb)

Victoria’s training system opens doors to a range of careers. Deciding on the best opportunity for you is complex. Understanding industry trends, training and job opportunities where you live and skills that are in demand can assist you in this process, as can the guidance of a professional careers practitioner.

To help plan your career path, check out the resources at: