Use of school facilities by sporting clubs or community groups

​From Monday 29 June, in addition to use of outdoor facilities on school property (which has been permitted since 2 June), schools may also approve the use of indoor facilities on school property if use aligns with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) advice for the relevant activity: either sport and exercise, community facilities, or entertainment and culture.

  • Use must be out of school hours.
  • Any indoor spaces used (including toilets) must be cleaned before the next school day.
  • A register of individuals in attendance at each session must be kept by the community group.

Schools may approve the use of indoor and outdoor facilities on school property if the following conditions are met.

Conditions of use

Compliance with current DHHS advice is required, regardless of any pre-existing or previous arrangements agreed with a community sporting club or group.

In most cases only one group of participants is permitted to use a single facility at a time.

From 11:59pm on 21 June, multiple separate ‘zones’ may be created within larger indoor sports venues (for example, gymnasium with multiple basketball courts). Each zone must be no less than 200 metres square. For further details relating to ‘zones’ refer to the DHHS advice on sport and exercise.

If multiple sessions are run, consider staggering session times to avoid congregation of multiple groups in or near to the facility. Participants must also be advised not to arrive before their scheduled start time or remain after the scheduled end time.

School facilities cannot be used by local sporting clubs or community groups within 30 minutes of the start or end of the school day. This is to avoid unnecessary mixing with other members of the school community.

Access to facilities should be arranged in such a way that participants do not encounter any staff or students remaining on the school premises, for example, for out-of-hours school care programs.

Any indoor facilities used, including toilets, must be cleaned prior to the next school day.

Community and sporting groups should use their own equipment, and this should be maintained in accordance with DHHS advice.

A register of individuals in attendance at each session must be kept by the community group. This should include each individual’s name, contact phone number, and dates and times they were present.

In the event of a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the school community, all access to school facilities must immediately stop while contact tracing and cleaning of the school premises is undertaken, on the advice of the DHHS.

More information

For information about restrictions visit:  Victoria's restriction levels

For information about school operations, refer to the Return to school operations guide (login required).

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