Use of school facilities

Schools may approve the use of outdoor facilities on school property, such as ovals if their use aligns with Department of Health (DH) advice for the relevant activity.

Schools may also permit the use of indoor facilities on school property by sports and community groups in line with permitted activities in the community.

Conditions of use

Compliance with current DH advice is required, regardless of any pre-existing or previous arrangements agreed with a community sporting club or group.

School facilities used after hours must be cleaned before the next school day. Cleaning of facilities used after hours should be appropriate to the:

  • number of people who used the facility
  • type of areas used
  • length of time of use.

School principals should work with their community users to ensure the appropriate cleaning requirements are in place, including the timing of any additional professional cleaning services required.

Schools included in the metropolitan cleaning model can log all additional services service requests with their service providers contact centre at any time. The cleaning services plan will detail the process.

More information

For information about school operations, refer to the school operations guide (login required).