Maintenance, construction and building upgrades

In metropolitan Melbourne, Stage 4 restrictions now apply. School construction and maintenance projects are affected by these restrictions.

Project classifications

The Victorian School Building Authority has classified each of these projects in one of three ways:

1. State critical infrastructure projects

Including essential maintenance, these projects will be able to continue, reducing workers on site where practical to do so. This includes new schools opening next year, upgrades essential to ensuring the state can meet short-term enrolment needs, and other work critical for school safety.

2. Restricted operations projects

Will be able to continue but in a reduced way, with the maximum number of workers limited in accordance with industry regulations published by BusinessVictoria.

3. Suspended projects

Will have to cease onsite work completely for the duration of Stage 4 restrictions.

These above restrictions do not apply to regional Victoria.

If your project is being managed by the VSBA, they will have notified your builder about how your project is classified, and the new safety measures that apply.

Off-site planning of Melbourne projects in the design stage can continue.

School-led maintenance and upgrade projects at metropolitan Melbourne schools

With the Government seeking to limit workers onsite, school-led upgrades and maintenance works (including grounds and other routine maintenance) in metropolitan Melbourne should be stopped or restricted wherever possible.

Work can, and should, continue where it’s critical for school safety.

If you’re a principal with an ongoing school-led project currently underway at your school, instruct your builders/contractors that onsite works are to cease immediately and remain suspended for the duration of the Stage 4 lockdown restrictions.

Where projects continue for safety reasons, contractors should have High Risk COVIDSafe Plans and compliant with all the new measures published on the BusinessVictoria website.

If the suspension of works creates any financial hardship for the builders/contractors working in your school, direct them towards Business Victoria’s advice on available support packages, or the coronavirus hotline on 13 22 15 for over-the-phone advice.

Maintenance and upgrade projects at regional schools

Construction projects across regional Victorian schools can continue, observing the Stage 3 restrictions.

Where possible during the remote and flexible learning period, regional schools should continue their regular grounds and other maintenance, including vermin and pest control.