All Year 11 and 12 provision for both VCE and VCAL will move to remote and flexible learning. Prep to Year 10 students will continue with remote and flexible learning in metropolitan Melbourne and these students in regional areas will commence remote and flexible learning. 

Any child enrolled in a specialist school in rural and regional Victoria will be able to continue to attend.

These requirements apply to all schools across the government, Catholic and independent sectors and across all metropolitan Melbourne and rural and regional Victoria.

Operating guidelines

  • School operations guide

    Advice for schools to support remote and flexible learning as well as on-site provision in certain circumstances

  • Learning from home

    Tools to support teachers to access technology and deliver remote and flexible learning guidelines

Health and safety measures

This guidance applies where schools have any onsite learning occurring.

  • Face masks in schools

    Everyone over the age of 12 must wear a face covering when they leave their home for one of four permitted reasons

  • School buses services

    In rural and regional Victoria, the School Bus Program will continue to operate as normal

  • Outside school hours care

    OSHC programs may continue to operate with risk mitigation measures in place

  • Pre-service teacher placements

    Supervised PST placements should go ahead as planned, within the operating guidelines circulated to schools

  • School boarding premises

    Managing the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in school boarding premises

  • Communicate with your school community

    Template letters and translations in community languages for school leaders to send to parents and guardians

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) phone line

    Ask questions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and education settings by calling 1800 338 663, 8 am to 6pm, 7 days a week (excluding public holidays). If you need an interpreter, call 131 450 first

Health advice for schools

Schools should consider a variety of strategies to support physical distancing and good hygiene practices to reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission within the practical limitations of a school environment. The following actions are to be considered, adapted and implemented as necessary according to the education setting and the individual needs of the staff, students and the wider school community.

Student learning

  • Learning from home

    Advice for parents, students, schools, early childhood education and care about flexible learning

  • Training and work placements

    VET and work placements and SBATs training and employment placements can continue if health and safety considerations are met

  • Changes to student learning

    Updates to NAPLAN, VCE and VET as well as subject-specific advice for classroom management of 'hands-on learning spaces'