Supported playgroups

Supported playgroups are a targeted service. The aim of supported playgroups is to improve the learning, development, and wellbeing outcomes of children from birth until they start primary school.

Improvements in child outcomes are the result of improvements in the quality of parent-child interactions and the home learning environment that occur as a result of parents participating in a supported playgroup.

Supported playgroups provide opportunities for parents to learn about local services, to meet with other parents for support and friendship and to build social support networks in the communities in which they live.

Supported playgroups funded by the Department are required to deliver smalltalk to all participating families. smalltalk is a set of evidence based strategies that introduce parents to a small number of parenting essentials that lead to optimal child outcomes. Quality parent-child interactions are:

  • encouraging parents to interact with their children in a warm and gentle manner
  • tuning in to their child by giving them their full attention frequently and promptly
  • attending to whatever their child shows an interest in
  • listening and talking to their child more frequently
  • using teachable moments when they arise
  • shared reading.