Your 3.5 year MCH visit

When your child is three-and-a-half, it will be time for your child's final scheduled appointment with your Maternal and Child Health nurse.

At this consultation your child's growth, health and development will be reviewed and your nurse will give you information about starting kindergarten. Your child will also be given a vision screening.

This consultation will focus on:

  • your Parents' Evaluation of Development Status (PEDS) questions in your My Health, Learning and Development Record (remember to complete these questions before the visit if you can)
  • kindergarten enrolment
  • helping your child to eat healthy food
  • taking care of your child's teeth
  • your child's vision
  • how to protect your child from the sun and water safety
  • how play helps learning and development
  • family relationships and wellbeing
  • immunisations.

Remember, you and your nurse can talk about other issues or concerns if they arise.

Please tell the nurse if your child is:

  • not talking clearly
  • not able to talk in sentences
  • not coming to you for affection or comfort
  • not playing 'imaginary' games
  • not playing with other children
  • not drawing.

Tip sheets given at this visit

For translated resources see: Key ages and stages