Your 2 week MCH visit

This is usually your first visit to the local Maternal and Child Health centre. At this and each other consultation you and your Maternal and Child Health nurse will discuss the growth, health and development of your baby.

This consultation will focus on:

  • birth registration
  • immunisations
  • feeding, including breastfeeding
  • how play helps learning and development
  • safety in the car
  • safety in the home
  • family relationships and wellbeing
  • Hearing Screen (VIHSP)
  • eye check: Red Eye Reflex.

Remember, you and your nurse can talk about other issues or concerns if they come up.

Please tell the nurse if your baby:

  • is not making any sounds
  • is not looking into your eyes.

Tip sheets given at this visit

For translated resources see: Key ages and stages