Help with school costs and fees

There are options if you're having difficulties with school costs.

You can:

Your school cannot stop your child from learning the standard curriculum if you can't pay.

Get further advice

If you've spoken with your school and are not happy with the response:

  1. Speak to the school principal first.
  2. If things are still not resolved, contact us via your closest regional hotline.

Help from State Schools' Relief

Help is available if you have a child at a Victorian government school and are facing:

  • health issues resulting in serious financial difficulty
  • house fires where school clothing is lost
  • natural disasters, or
  • serious financial difficulty.

This help is from State Schools' Relief.

You may receive free or discounted new school uniforms, school shoes and textbooks.


Speak to your school to apply for help. You can talk about your situation with:

  • the school principal
  • assistant principal, or
  • a student welfare coordinator.

They will work out what you can receive and put in an application for you.

If your child is starting prep or year 7 and is eligible for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, they automatically get help with school uniforms.


State Schools' Relief is an organisation that helps children stay in education and out of poverty. They provide support and financial help for families in need.

The Victorian government will provide $27.1 million through to 31 December 2023 to State Schools’ Relief to help them provide school items to families.

Learn more about the organisation on the State Schools' Relief website.