Community playgroups

Community playgroups are regular gatherings of parents and caregivers with their under-school age children.

Parents manage and lead community playgroups and organise play and social activities for the group.

The groups give:

  • an opportunity for your child to play with other children
  • a chance to meet other families in your community
  • you a group to talk to about parenting and share experiences with.

When First-Time Parent Groups finish, often these groups of families will continue to meet as a community playgroup.

There are also playgroups for different groups, including dads and grandparents.


Each community playgroup will be different, but usually community playgroups involve activities such as:

  • music and singing
  • imaginative play
  • outdoor and free play
  • art and craft
  • outings.


There is a fee involved in community playgroups to cover various expenses such as insurance and venue hire.

Join a group

To join a community playgroup, use the Playgroup Victoriasearch tool to help you find one in your community.